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alumni and guests
alumni and guests
There are many quotes about culture and its role in a person’s life. All of them are true, be it about rope, cement, weapon of light or hope. Learning is action, I think. The mission of Move2Culture is to invite you to come, see, discover, touch and carry away. Experience, knowledge, impressions about the rich Armenian culture. Carry away with you. Within you.

Good luck!
Deya Yengibaryan
Move2Armenia community manager


  • Armenian language
    Learn simple dialogues in Armenian in just 3 lessons
  • History
    Dive into the history of one of the most ancient states in the world
  • Museums
    Go on excursions to Yerevan museums with professional guides
  • Dances
    Dance Tamzara, Karno Kochari and Govand with us
  • Cooking
    Learn to cook the most delicious tolma, khash and gata
  • Music
    We sing Armenian songs and dive into the history of meaning
  • Science
    Let's learn about the Armenians’ contribution to world science. Names, discoveries, future
  • Community
    Find like-minded people at meetings of relocators and repatriates



    Meri Minasyan
    Armenian language lecturer, works for Transparency International
    Hayk Demoyan
    Historian, publicist, ex-director of Armenian Genocide Museum-institute, Doctor of Historical Sciences
    Vladimir Petunts
    Lawyer, theologian, teacher of the history of Armenia and the Armenian Church with more than 15 years of experience. Author of scientific works on the educational activities of Mesrop Mashtots, symbolism and history of the development of khachkars
    Varuzhan Geghamyan
    Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Yerevan State University. Research field: foreign and domestic policy of Turkey
    Sophia Colello
    Graduated from Stanford University, studies classical archeology, numismatics. Sofia specializes in the history of ancient civilizations: Rome, Armenia and Parthia. She is the head of Digital Projects at the History Museum of Armenia
    Zhanna Bakhshetsyan
    Certified tourist and wine guide in Armenia. Zhanna is a lecturer at the Russian-Armenian University, Department of Tourism and Services. She has been engaged in Armenian ethnic dances since 2013
    Anna Davtyan
    Chef at Masoor Art House. Specializes in European cuisine, also studies the forgotten traditions of Armenian cuisine and revives them
    Mark Grigoryan
    Journalist, writer, author and editor of 16 books, numerous scientific and journalistic articles, one of the founders of the Caucasus Institute in Yerevan. Grigoryan worked at the BBC Russian Service in London. He is the former executive director of the Public Radio of Armenia, currently the Director of the National Museum-Institute of Architecture named after Alexander Tamanyan
    Mariam Andreasyan
    Economist. Mariam has been practicing traditional Armenian dances for 7 years, and for the last 3 years she has been working as a choreographer of Armenian dances. She studied at the Shushi original song club. In 2016, Mariam participated in the festival “Huso Aragast 2016” presenting her original song
    Marat Hayrapetyan
    Space engineer, member of the team which created the first satellite developed in Armenia, member of Armenia’s Mars mission, author of the blog “Yura, we can handle it!” («Юра, мы справимся!») on VKontakte (VK) and Telegram, ambassador of VK community "Techeducation” («Техпросвет»)
    Ivan Semyan
    Archaeologist, popularizer of science. Researcher at the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, researcher at New York University in Abu Dhabi, member of the international association of experimental archeology EXARC. Area of scientific interests: Bronze Age, experimental archeology
    Aram Poghosyan
    Design engineer. He has been practicing Armenian ethnic dances for more than 10 years. He danced for 4 years in the choreographic ensemble “Hayasa”. At the end of 2017, with friends, he opened the school of Armenian ethnic dances called “NZHDEH”


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